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2020-03-22 hassan ali mobile imie kesy change hota hy any tell me
2020-03-22 hassan ali mobile imie kesy vhange hota hy any tell me
2020-02-19 bbb 359329042339440
2020-01-11 David Hi, How to change IMEI in nokia 230 (rm-1172)?
2019-11-21 sikandr baba change imei code 1208
2019-09-16 ADMIN @webmaster x2-02 RM694 TAC CONFIRMED IN. ADD FREELY TO DATABASE.
2019-06-25 madbilly Hi, I have a Lumia 950 RM-1104 PROTO F2 with TAC 00440274 but the database won't accept it.
2019-03-13 pogs dsgsdg
2019-02-17 vafih 21
2018-12-31 gg99 Hi can pass me classic mobile imei valid around 1000 o 500 please
2018-12-09 samsung imie
2017-09-23 [ExiTuS], Webmaster @Stan No, you can't. It is not possible to differ feature phones and smartphones. TAC is a figure given with no respect of any phone specification.
2017-09-05 Stan Can I get information from IMEI number, that it is Nokia FEATURE phone (not smartphone) ?
2017-05-04 nokia 6700s 353766040161837
2017-05-03 Mike harris U lock codefor model 3600, imei356401013112354
2016-12-18 louis please security code for nokia type c1-01 RM 607
2016-10-22 Arthyn Code keamanan kunci nokia 110
2016-08-07 Andy Wie ist der Sicherheits Code für das 3310 c 12345 habe ich schon probiert geht nicht
2015-09-17 syakif Klaw bisa d terjemahkan k bahasa indon ya gun
2015-08-19 AdrianP Unlock code for Lumia735 imei 354265064870778


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